We take your health and safety as well as our own very seriously. We are taking the following additional precautions on top of our food safety requirements to keep you safe from Covid19:

- For all deliveries I will be wearing a mask at all times. After knocking on your door or ringing your doorbell I will step back, keeping at least 2m distance. I ask that you respect social distancing also. I will then hand the items over to you from a distance.

- Cakes will be wrapped to ensure that they are fully protected during transportation. I would recommend that you wash your hands, take the cakes out of the packaging and put them in a airtight container and put the packaging into the bin before washing your hands again.

- If I become symptomatic or I am told to self isolate, all orders for that week and following weeks will be cancelled and you will be refunded.

- If you are infected with Covid19 or have been told to self isolate, you MUST inform me so we can arrange a contactless delivery.

- The kitchen used to bake the cakes is already operating under Sefton's Food Safety regulations. The kitchen and all baking equipment is fully cleaned down and sanitised before baking and cakes are stored protectively. All baking ingredients and equipment are stored safely away from contaminates between bakes.


As I have CFS/M.E., I am vulnerable to Covid19. Whilst I do not have to shield, I do fall into the high risk category. As such, I am taking quite extreme precautions in my personal life to avoid getting infected. I ask that during the delivery process that you respect my safety as much as your own :) Thanks!





I hope everyone is safe and well. I want to give a bit of reassurance to you that The Plant Academy WILL be able to continue delivering your cakes to you through lockdown, both local and through the post.

My little business falls under food deliveries which are allowed to continue. If anything changes I will let you know.

Local deliveries will now be extra super duper ultra contactless during lockdown. Your cakes will be left on your doorstep unless you have specified a safe space in the delivery notes when ordering. Please keep in mind the weather is getting worse by the day, you might want to indicate a dry spot for me to leave your cakes if you won't be in as all my packaging is paper. 📃 + ⛈️ = damp cake. I do have some plastic mailer bags for emergencies, though.

Local deliveries typically happen on Thursdays between 4pm and 8pm. But it could be a little earlier or later than this.

I will ring / knock on your door and leave your cakes at the door (or in your preferred place) as an extra precaution for both your safety, and mine. As I have M.E., I do fall into the vulnerable category and I hope you will respect my decision to make deliveries as safe as possible.

Postal deliveries should still be going ahead as usual, too. However I will keep an eye on what royal mail announce over coming days following Boris's latest updates.